Hot Model Has Really Weird And Freakishly Long Checklist For First Dates

Jade Ainsworth is a lingerie model from the U.K. with a smoking hot body. She recently appeared on a British TV show called First Dates, and viewers were stunned when she revealed her weird 22-point checklist for first dates. Not only is the list of qualifications to date her insanely long, some of the bullet points on her list are just downright odd.

As you can see from the pictures below, if you pass all of Jade Ainsworth’s First Dates qualifications the payout is pretty f’n amazing. She’s a total dime who gets paid to model lingerie. But, with a checklist like this, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll encounter some insanity down the line. Here’s the list via the Liverpool Echo (pics below):

1. No snorers
2. No pensioners
3. No midgets
4. No one unemployed
5. No one with a wife or girlfriend
6. No minors
7. Someone with banter
8. Someone that can socialize
9. Someone who can drive properly
10. No relationship rules or restrictions
11. Someone not controlling
12. Easygoing
13. Doesn’t live with their parents
14. No baggage
15. Someone who can drink
16. No smokers
17. No steroids
18. No tattoos
19. Low sex drive
20. No one miserable
21. No one with a pyscho ex
22. No one who’s tight

Did she really need to put ‘no midgets’ on her list? Is there really a human being alive that doesn’t have a psycho ex? She lists ‘no relationship rules or restrictions’ but simultaneously lists a fucking 22-point list of rules and restrictions…How crazy is this chick?

Anyways, she’s hot, and here’s what the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow looks like:

So, is Jade Ainsworth worth all the craziness or nah? Answers down below in the comments!