Jessica Alba Showing Off In A Pair Of Bikini Bottoms Is Always Worth A Look

How old is Jessica Alba now? 35? Really? Damn, that’s hard to believe. Time sure flies when you haven’t seen an actress in a movie or on a TV show in like a decade, huh?

I guess she’s been pretty busy making millions from that company she founded that’s always in the news for one controversy or another.

Looks like she still has time to work out pretty good though. I mean, damn, she’s 35 with two kids and she still has the body we came to know and love back in the mid-2000s.

I do see that the last movie she was in, The Veil went straight to video on demand so her acting career is still awesome. Maybe Mechanic: Resurrection will do better for her went it comes out later this month. It does have Jason Statham in it so there’s hope.

But hey, you didn’t come here to listen to me ramble on about her acting career, did you? My bad.

And I don’t know what photo shoot this next pic was from, I just like it so I am sharing because I am cool like that…

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