Jessica Lowndes Soaking Wet On The Beach In Sexy Lingerie Is Why The Internet Was Invented

by 3 years ago

Jessica Lowndes is really, really good at Instagram.

Other than making one sexy workout video after another I still don’t know what former 90210 star Jessica Lowndes does for a living these days. 90210 went off the air two years ago and I haven’t seen her in anything since then. Not that I watched 90210, but, oh shut up, I swear I didn’t.

Quick check of her Wikipedia page and it says that she’s actually been in some films and on some TV shows since then, I just don’t recognize a single one of them other than Hawaii Five-0. I guess she made enough bank off 90210 and from her, uh, singing, that she doesn’t need the work right now.

Oh well, that’s good for us as it turns out. Gives her more time to do what she does best, post butt pics, bikini pics and photos like you see below of her soaking wet on the beach in some SERIOUSLY sexy lingerie.

Here’s to hoping she never gets another acting job again. After all, as she says…

It will be. ✨

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