Supermodel Joan Smalls Decided To Go PANTLESS To The Beach So That’s Cool

Joan Smalls is one of the highest-paid models in the world. There’s pretty much no one she hasn’t worked for in the fashion world. And yet, here she is, on the beach at what she calls her “personal Fiji Island” not wearing any pants.

Did I happen to mention that Joan Smalls is also one of my all-time favorite models? This photo is just one reason why. The other reasons are the fact that she IS one of the highest-paid models in the world and yet she seems like a really cool hang.

Whether it’s sleepovers with other supermodels involving a little boob-grabbing or showing off a sweet new tattoo, Smalls is definitely enjoying life. And sometimes that just involves not wearing pants. I can relate.

Here are a few more reasons why she’s one of my favorite models of all-time…