Jose Canseco’s HOT AF 20-Year-Old Daughter Josie Just Posed COMPLETELY Topless And The Pics Turned Out Well

We’ve already seen one of our favorite celebrity daughters (we have many) Josie Canseco pose in the buff for Playboy.

However, her pictorial sadly took place in post-nude era so all of her naughty bits were tastefully covered up because…art. (It was still pretty hot though.)

Which is why, I assume, since she recently turned 20-years-old and has a mind of her own, dammit, she decided to find someone else to take photographs of her completely topless. Suck it, Playboy.

Of course, what with this being a family site and all I can’t show you the topless stuff here. I can, however, tell you where to look.

(Look here and here.)

I can also share the following pictures of Josie Canseco that, just in case you can’t look at nudes right at the moment, should tide you over nicely.

She gets it from her momma, by the way…