Kaley Cuoco Was The HOTTEST And Only Thing Worth Seeing At The People’s Choice Awards

kaley cuoco peoples choice awards

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Kaley Cuoco. If there is a list of women we think that we will never get tired of seeing she’s definitely on that list. She’s right up there with Jennifer Lawrence as far as my list is concerned. She could be pretty much doing anything and (a) it would probably be entertaining, and (b) she’s look hot doing it.

That was most certainly the case on Wednesday night as Kaley Cuoco seemed to have one hell of an interesting evening.

First, Kaley hit the red carpet wearing some very snazzy designer tennis shoes instead of the sexy heels you see above once she entered the building.

kaley cuoco peoples choice awards 4

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Here’s a closer look at her fancy kicks and what appears to be a very nasty scar. Wonder how she got that?

kaley cuoco peoples choice awards 5

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She also spent much of the night hanging all over Johnny Galecki (lucky bastard) and when they were asked about it later they claimed to be nothing more than friends. Right, friends. This is Hollywood so surrre.

kaley cuoco peoples choice awards 6

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And here are a couple more looks at that sexy dress because it was the real star of the show.

kaley cuoco peoples choice awards 2

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kaley cuoco peoples choice awards 3

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