Kim Kardashian Is Basically Wearing Assless Chaps In Her New Magazine Spread And Ehhh It Could Be Worse

Ever heard of System magazine, lowercase “m” intended? Me neither. But had you ever heard of Paper Magazine before Kim was all nakey-poo on the cover? Yeah probably not. To be completely honest I don’t understand Kim’s fascination with being either naked or wearing weird shit on the covers of irrelevant magazines that 99% of the general population have never heard of, but then again she’s worth millions whereas I’m worth about $3.50 so I guess she’s got some sort of secret strategy that’s working for her.

Lol at Kim Kardashian having a secret strategy, btdubbs.

But yeah, soooo…assless chaps.


I’m sort of immune to the Kardashians at this point. A year ago I would’ve been all like “Kim Kardashian and that giant pile of dirt behind her have two things in common: their IQ score and the fact that they’re both shitpiles of dirt,” but now I’m just like “Oh look. Dirt. And Kim Kardashian sans pants. And dirt. Hmmm. What’s for lunch?”

Is that sad? Should I be more shocked by Kim doing Kim shit than I currently am? Probably not. I don’t think anyone is at this point.