Kate Hudson Is A Really Good Dresser, Wears Teeny Tank Top And Daisy Dukes To Grab A Snack

In the recent past I didn’t have much use for Kate Hudson. She’s famous pretty much because her mom and her mom’s boyfriend are famous. She hasn’t had been nominated for an award in a movie for 15 years since she won a Golden Globe for Almost Famous. Yet every awards show, there she is, presenting and living off that one film.

But now, in this wonderous age of digital and social media, I am becoming a bigger fan. She’s got her line of athletic wear in which she models and looks crazy hot. Plus she’s pretty damn good at Instagram. Hard to believe that she’s just 35 because it seems like she’s been around forever.

I guess what I am saying is that Kate Hudson knows her strengths. And right now her main strength is looking like a piping hot babe in whatever she wears. Especially when what she’s wearing is something like what she wore over the weekend running out for a snack. Good stuff.

Here she is painting something wearing a jumpsuit that shows off how good she is at Instagram…

And here she is in some of that sweet workout gear I mentioned. Love those commercials…

Know your strengths like Kate, people, and the world is your oyster. Especially if you come from Hollywood royalty.