Of Course We Have Kate Upton Again in This Week’s Hottie Index

Kate Upton

I’m not one to bury the lede, so we’re starting with the topless girl on a horse. And it’s obviously not just any random celebrity topless on a horse, but it’s the most attractive and most popular female celebrity out there. There’s really not much to say other than we all wish Upton’s nipples weren’t starred out. This is a nice tease, but let’s leak the real video already.

Marissa Powell

You probably don’t know Marissa Powell by her name. But if I told you she was Miss Utah then it would ring a bell, right? Yes, Powell is the attractive brunette with the one of the worst answers in Miss America contest history. She redeemed herself later in the week by showing up on Jimmy Kimmel and embracing her idiocy, and the actual Miss America must be feeling bad now, because no one’s talking about her.

Kelly Brook

Brook isn’t a stranger to a bikini, but she decided to roll without her bikini top when on vacation in Mexico this week. That caused a stir because her milk cannons are sizable, and her teets took the internet by storm to such great lengths that the news made it back to Mexico. Brook poked some fun at herself by taking another picture in front of a sign that fits her physique. There’s nothing like a stacked chick with a sense of humor.

Sofia Vergara

There are certain asses out there that garner attention when bared. Sofia Vergara’s is one of em and she probably knows it too. Why else would she tweet a selfie of her in a purple thong? That’s one we won’t forget.

Courtney Stodden

Stodden has definitely made a career out of nothing, but maybe she sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Why else would she decide it’s a good idea to video tape the whole process of her boob job? Honestly I don’t need to see the whole boob job process. I just want to see the boobs after the job and decide whether or not the job was well done. Judge for yourself.

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