Kate Upton Hung Out With the Detroit Tigers and Someone Wore an Incredible Swimsuit


Kate Upton spent some time with the Detroit Tigers this weekend and things got a little weird. New reliever Joba Chamberlain captured a candid moment between the model and backup catcher Bryan Holaday that will have you questioning the merits of human existence.


Yup, there they are doing skinny arm by a pool, Upton conservatively covered and Holaday in a patriotic one-piece bathing suit. What led to this? God only knows. More importantly, what happened after this? The world may never know, and that may be a good thing.

Adding to the whole perplexing situation is a glazed-eye Max Scherzer wearing a sombrero in the foreground. It’s kind of like the embodiment of a dude’s dream — if that dream were a confusing nightmare.

I guess things could be worse. Justin Verlander in a high-riding one-piece would be a hairy affair.