PSA: Kate Upton Says She Is Not A Fan Of Drunk Guys

Kate Upton has come out strongly against wanting to be around men who are drunk. Controversial? Yes, but you’ve been warned.

She said: “Every time I find something really gross I just remove myself from the situation, but anything said after alcohol probably shouldn’t be said. Everyone gets a false sense of self and you just come across as cocky and rude. I’m not attracted to that.”

Hmmm… good to know.

Upton also talked about how she gets over a break-up with her man – again, more useful information…

“The best way to get over a guy is a good night out with girlfriends. A lot of girls do the rebound thing and jump straight into another relationship, but that’s a bad idea as you have two heartbreaks to get over. I give myself time to get back to me and to get re-inspired by something in my life.”

A good night out with the girlfriends does sound like a fine way to move on. Orrr, maybe a night out with someone like Aziz Ansari, where you can let loose and get your OWN drink on as Upton allegedly did in the video below from a 2012 Met Gala after party where Kate has a wee bit of trouble staying upright around the 0:50 mark.

Funny how seeing her drunk (allegedly) didn’t turn me off one bit. Must be a girl thing.