Kate Upton Jiggly Dance

Kate Upton’s one moment that garnered worldwide attention is her infamous Cat Daddy dance way back in 2012.

Wow! Is Kate’s bikini made of titanium to stop it from disintegrating from all of the pressure?

Jimmy Fallon knows that Kate Upton dancing equals ratings, so he invited the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covergirl to The Tonight Show to shake her moneymaker.

He couldn’t just trot Kate Upton on stage and have her dance, so he had the guise of playing a dance battle game. Smart thinking Jimmy.

The bodacious Upton danced to the themes of “Shoulders With a Mind of Their Own” and “Walking Into a Spiderweb.”


You can skip to the 32-second mark and then to the 2:30 mark for the essence of this video which is, of course, all that Kate Upton goodness.

Here are the critical parts sans all that silly Jimmy Fallon dancing.



Want more dancing Kate Upton? Of course you do.

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