Kate Upton Makes a Triumphant Return to This Week’s Hottie Index

Margaret Wood
The internet made Katherine Webb, AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, a sensation. Now it might rob her of her boyfriend. Wood claims that nothing happened last Saturday when she got stuck in Tuscaloosa because of a cancelled flight connection. But she also admits to having kissed AJ before and admits to spending the night at this place. You think the quarterback of the national championship team is passing up that box while it’s in his bed? I didn’t think so. Her 15 minutes of fame has certainly helped Wood, aka “@theSwagPrincess,” in her modeling career.

Leyla Ghobadi
Usually lookalikes are found in Vegas, but Kanye West found one in Atlantic City last year. Ghobadi probably passes as a homeless man’s version of Kim Kardashian, but that was good enough for Kanye that night and a few nights after that. Ghobadi is claiming the pair had a fling last year, which isn’t a complete shocker because Kanye probably didn’t want to bang his pregnant wife anymore after she turned into a blimp. The amusing thing is Ghobadi claims that she’s embarrassed about how the information is coming out now. Is the sum of money she received for going public with this story embarrassing too?

Valerie Dodds

Girls who go to Catholic school have quite the image. Generally they’re considered to be depraved and eventually turn into sexual deviants. Therefore it should be no surprise that Dodds, a former Catholic school student, became a porn star. She visited her old high school recently and decided to take some naked pictures and video while in the neighborhood. Religion obviously wasn’t a big influence on her, especially after we found out that she pleasured herself with a crucifix. I bet the nuns threw out everyone in the place after that news came out.

Pam Anderson
England is much more liberal than the United States when it comes to what’s seen as offensive, so a commercial has to be quite lewd if it gets banned over there. Old friend Pam Anderson produced a commercial back in 2010 that aired in Australia and promoted some web hosting service. It was recently being shown in London until some Brits thought it was too offensive, complained, and now it’s off the air. I’m shocked considering some of the shit I’ve seen on TV over there. They basically show porn at midnight on one of the non-cable channels.

Kate Upton
Don’t worry. Kate Upton’s stock isn’t dropping any time soon. She had to come back to the Index after the display she put on this week. She’s been in the Hamptons filming “The Other Woman” and her tits keep popping up (and almost out) all over the place. Leslie Mann is even impressed. How can any chick in the country compete when you see her in a bikini like this?