Kate Upton Is Officially On Snapchat Now And She’s Already Droppin’ Trou In Yoga Pants

Every week it feels like more and more celebrities are jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon. The most recent model to join Snapchat is the long-time apple of our eye, Kate Upton. Hopefully we get plenty of squats and kegels Snaps!

Here at K.U.N.N. (the Kate Upton News Network), we think you need to know that her official Snapchat account is @kateuptonsnap and, two snaps in, she’s already droppin’ trou in yoga pants.

No, really… It looks like she’s poppn’ a squat after getting shut out of her sister’s apartment.

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And here is said Snap of Kate Upton droppin’ trou. Welcome to Snapchat, Ms. Upton!

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