Watch Kate Upton Use Her Hips Like A Goddess To Do A 270-Pound Landmine Squat

Kate Upton is all about that #swole life on Sundays. Before hitting the Oscars, Kate hit the gym with her strength coach, Ben Bruno, for a power squat sesh. It looks like Queen Upton crushe a heavy Landmine Squat and RDL combo with about 270 pounds on the bar, according to Stack.

While most people are being lazy on Sunday, @kateupton is busy crushing this heavy landmine squat/RDL combo. Strong! 💪🍑 This is one of my new favorite exercises. First do a squat, then do a RDL, then alternate one rep of each for the entirety of the set. I love using the landmine for both squats and RDLs, so this combination helps teach how to differentiate between the two movement patterns, and you also get the benefit of working the legs and glutes in multiple ways, all while also jacking up the heart rate. Most people use about the same weight on each exercise and the setup is the same too, making it a good pairing logistically. #Repost @kateupton with @repostapp.

Her form is looking A++ too. Really putting those hips into it.

Previously, here’s a video of Kate Upton doing Kegels.

I feel like a video of Kate and The Rock working out and bulking up together would break the Internet. This needs to happen, people.

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