We Have A Very Rare, Always Appreciated Katrina Bowden Bikini Butt Sighting

by 4 years ago
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Katrina Bowden, Instagram

Katrina Bowden was one of the many good reasons we tuned in to watch 30 Rock for seven seasons. Unfortunately since 30 Rock went off the air in 2013 we haven’t seen much of Katrina Bowden at all. In fact, it’s been almost two years since we did a post on her.

Not sure why she kind of vanished. Maybe she made so much money she doesn’t need to act anymore. Or maybe she’s on one of those awesome Hollywood “taking a couple of years off” vacations.

Whatever the reason, I’ve been following her on Instagram for the past year or so and let’s just say that she was a lot more interesting on 30 Rock. Which is too bad, because I know that she likes to wear bikinis. Heck, she even got paid to wear them.

At least that was the case until this weekend when she finally graced us with this bikini butt pic.

Before that the two most interesting things Bowden had posted to her account over the past several months were this…

And this…

Don’t make us wait 21 more weeks for another bikini pic, please, Katrina?

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