You Missed Katy Perry’s Diss Of Taylor Swift Last Night Because It Was Stupid And Shitty

For weeks, us celebrity gossip mongers were eagerly anticipating Katy Perry’s halftime show, not for the spectale of it, but because she teased us with the likelihood that it would include an epic diss of BroBible favorite, Taylor Swift.

Well, the performance came and went and all of us were like, “What the fuck, where was the diss, Katy? Where was the diss?”

She didn’t weasel out. We just all missed it because it was stupid and shitty. You’re staring at it right now. I’ll show you the picture again. Do you not see it?

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How could you miss this? I’ll let a fashion rag explain for all of us who don’t understand subtlety.

Katy seemed to deliberately put the high-waisted polka dot bikinis on backup dancers. Backup dancers were reportedly the cause of Katy and Taylor’s feud in the first place. Ouch.

The understated dig is also pretty much a direct reference to Taylor’s Cape Cod summer with Conor Kennedy in 2012. The “Blank Space” singer was frequently spotted out with the dashing gentleman and we’d never forget that red, high-waisted polka dot bikini she wore that summer.

Do you not see the similarities?

BURN. But also, like, dang. That is stupid.

I proposed on Twitter a possible way Taylor could return fire.

Now that would be a come back.

[H/T Jezebel]