Kendall Jenner Posted A Picture Of Her Butt To Instagram In Case You Forgot Who She Was For 5 Seconds

Do you know who Kendall Jenner is? Because I don’t. It’s not like she’s part of a famous family of reality television stars who are famous for the sake of being famous, or like her face is plastered everywh-

Oh wait.

I’m almost 100% certain it’s physically impossible to forget who Kendall Jenner is, but maybe if you have Alzheimer’s or an early onset of dementia it could happen to you. Kendall seems to be aware of this possibility, hence this bizarrely stupid photo of her butt with a little car perched on top of it that she recently posted to Instagram.

So there you have it. Do you remember who Kendall Jenner is now? If this little diddy jogged your memory fine and dandy then feel free to bookmark this page in case you ever forget again.

[Images via Instagram]