Kendall Jenner Is Completely Topless In Leaked Photos From Love Magazine

kendall jenner topless

Kendall Jenner, Instagram

Kendall Jenner topless? Yep. Jenner is following right along in sister Kim Kardashian’s attempt to “break the Internet” by posing completely topless in Love magazine.

In new leaked photos from the same issue that sees Kim Kardashian going full-frontal nude again, Kendall Jenner is not only topless, but she also seems to have had some work done, be it of the Photoshop variety or otherwise. It’s definitely Kendall Jenner’s face, but the rest of the body looks like it’s someone else’s.

Kendall Jenner just walked the runway in January for Paris Fashion Week in a semi-see-through top so we have a pretty good idea that some digital manipulation may have taken place here. The real question, if so, is why?

The issue was guest edited by one of Kendall’s besties Cara Delevigne and featured the two of them on the cover together for the January issue, so maybe that has something to do with it.

And Kendall in Paris a few weeks ago…

Getty Image

And finally, here’s one of the photos in question.

Warning: Kind of NSFW.


…don’t say we didn’t warn you.

See a few more photos here.

UPDATE!! Those weren’t even her real breasts. We knew there was something fishy going on here. Damn those Kardashians. Click here for the whole story.