Try To Guess How Miranda Kerr And Kim Kardashian Celebrated Earth Day, HINT: Bikinis. Lots Of Bikinis

In order for a holiday to be “real,” it means that school has to be out and no one is required to show up to work. With that in mind, Earth Day is a load of crap. It’s fake. It’s a bullshit holiday and its purpose, something something “recyle” something something “save the planet,” is completely forgotten the following day. Regardless, some celebrities decided to be “earthy” and celebrate anyway in the only way they know how:

Bikini selfies.

Hey, I’m not hating – but I don’t see how posting a picture of yourself in a swimsuit is going to help save the environment at all. Why don’t you go plant a tree instead? But what do I know, it’s not like I did anything to help Mother Earth yesterday, so in reality I’m just a big fat hypocrite.

In any case…here’s Kim Kardashian and Miranda Kerr celebrating Earth Day in their bikinis.