Kimberly Kardashian’s Bulbous Ass Made This Christmas One To Remember

by 4 years ago


The jury’s still out on whether or not KimmyKinz’s gigantic donkey butt broke the Internet, but one thing’s for sure: it made this Christmas one to remember.

This video (coming from Reddit) shows what might be the single greatest (and most memorable) Christmas card ever made. By taking a ‘twerking snowman’ card and adding a little artistic ingenuity, one bro has managed to bring Kimberly home to meet the family.

NOTE: If your bro ever gives you a card like this, that’s your best bro. You don’t go through the trouble of making something as incredible as this for anyone off the street. This is basically a Da Vinci masterpiece in modern times.

I must make one of my own.


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