9 Out Of 10 House Keepers Recommend This Chick’s Sucking Power Over A Shop-Vac

In the game of suction power, one woman reigns supreme over all the vacuums on the market. I didn’t expect to be completely amazed by a girl sucking down a piece of turkey in a fraction of a second, but I certainly was.

To reiterate, when I saw this video my first thought was ‘there’s now way this will be that interesting, but am I really NOT going to click a video of a girl sucking down a piece of turkey in under a second?’ No bro in his right mind is going to pass by that video without clicking.

So I did, and holy shit was I amazed. Why? I can’t really be certain of that. Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen someone actually inhale a piece of meat before, but that might be because bro’s know that meat is often best savored. You’re not going to try and set a time record on a ribeye steak, no, you’re going to savor it.

This chick though, she’s got the sucking power of a Shark Vac (at least based on what I’ve seen in the infomercials)…and it’s incredible. So prepare to be amazed:


Mind = BLOWN (pun intended)

She inhales turkey with the gusto of the guy from ‘The Man Show’ chugging beer…it’s truly outstanding.


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