Meet Incredibeard: The Über Bro Who Can Fashion His Beard Into Any Shape Imaginable

Isaiah Webb is Incredibeard, Incredibeard is Isaiah Webb. Isaiah Webb is one of the most imaginative beard advocates in the world, fashioning his beard into any conceivable shape or object, and even using it to eat things like ramen noodles.

We’ve been covering beards a lot here lately, most recently we were talking about how men have taken to putting christmas decorations in their beards….but why stop with something as simple as baubles, why not wrap it around your head into a Bane mask?

And that’s where Isaiah Webb differentiates himself from the rest of the beardists…he has imagination. He’s not in it for the blue ribbons…he’s looking to change the way men everywhere wear their beards.

With nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram, Incredibeard has gained quite the following, and here’s why:

The Thanksgiving Beard

Merry Christmas from Incredibeard

The Bane Beard

For more on Incredbeard you can CLICK HERE to read and see more pics on Elite Daily.


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