Of Course Stupid Hipsters Are Hanging Christmas Tree Decorations In Their Beards

Do you love Christmas so much that you wish you could have it… ON YOUR FACE?! Hipsters — who know how to ruin anything and everything associated with fun — are now decking the halls by putting Christmas tree bulbs in their beards. It’s a winter, yuletide throwback to the hipster facial hair “trend” that started this summer of hipsters stuffing flowers in their beards.

One UK company called “Beard Balls” is even selling special holiday beard ornaments at £7 per pack. As cheesy and lame as it sounds, it’s kind of hard to knock it since they’re giving away all the proceeds to the charity Beard Season, a facial hair society that wants to raise awareness for melanoma.

Here are some pics of the trend, via Elite Daily. As disgraceful as these decorations are to bearded Bros everywhere, I’m sure someone out there rocking a gnarly beard could pull this off at an ugly sweater party this holiday season.


Beard Baubles



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