The Latest Trend for Stupid Fucking Hipsters Is Putting Flowers In Your Beard

Hipsters. Stupid fucking hipsters. They’re always ruining the good things in life by making idiotic things “trends” so that their fellow hipsters can snap Instagram pics of them going about their bullshit. As a male style trend, beards have officially gone too far. A months ago I broke down why beards are jumping the shark according to science, mainly because they’re becoming less and less appealing to chicks who are looking for a sexual partner. This isn’t just a matter of whimsical preference: This is a scientific fact. The latest reason why hipsters are THE. WORST. and have officially ruined beards for everyone comes from a trend called “flower beard.” The idea is that you stuff your beard with a bunch of flowers then snap a photo for your fellow PBR-drinking hipster brethren on Instagram. Apparently the man responsible for the trend is Pierce Thiot, a photographer who has gained viral fame for thing for putting various objects into his beard. What a bunch of faux hippie garbage. Hipsters would be a whole hell of a lot cooler if they just stupid up, put down their goddamn smartphones, and listened to the Grateful Dead like their hippie grandparents. Behold, below is proof that hipsters with beards have gone too fucking far. Are these the most punchable faces in the world?

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