Kylie Campbell Is A SEXY Bikini Model With An Eye For Business That You Definitely Need To See

It’s been awhile since we introduced you to a lovely and talented lady who you need to keep a sharp eye on, so today we’d like to introduce you to another woman who is sure to make waves real soon in Kylie Campbell.

Kylie Campbell is a beautiful and talented model who turned into an entrepreneur after finding her passion of designing bikinis, and recently created her own bikini company.

Born and raised in California Kylie discovered the necessity for KOA Swim while attending college in Southern California. She says that she found herself visualizing new styles in class then searching for weeks to find the style she created in her mind with no success. It seemed that no other brands could capture the essence of her ideas. So Kylie began to put her ideas into action and learned to sew her own bikinis.

In the beginning, Kylie did not intend to make a business from her bikinis but others tried to buy them anyway and her bikinis were quickly in demand across the campus. Kylie could see that she was helping others and decided to create KOA Swim as a way to share her ideas with the world.

Today KOA Swim has captured a national following and continues to deliver gorgeous swimwear to beautiful women everywhere. Kylie found that no matter where you are, when you’re in a bikini, life is beautiful.

Keep up with Kylie Campbell on Instagram and Facebook, if you’re smart. And I know that you are.