Kylie Jenner Naked, Covered In Nothing But Paint Is Something That Everyone Can Support

Remember how over the past month or so I have been saying that our hatred for the Kardashians perhaps shouldn’t extend to the Jenner slash younger side of the family?

You know, because (a) they don’t run their mouths like their older sisters, and (b) because they wear SMOKING HOT outfits like THIS, and (c) because neither Kendall nor Kylie Jenner seem to have any problem posing topless?

Yeah… those are decent reasons, right?

Welp, here’s another one. Kylie Jenner completely naked drenched in some paint…

That…is hot. But why is it part of an “unreleased project,” as she says in the caption? RELEASE THE REST OF THEM, DAMMIT!


Oh well, here are some more distractions, courtesy of Kylie Jenner, for you to ponder as you digest this historic day in American history…

God Bless America.

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