Lady Gaga Denied She Ever Had Sex With Taylor Swift. Do You Believe Her?

There has been lots of speculation recently about Taylor Swift’s sexuality. From her seemingly disinterested attitude toward men of late to the Victoria’s Secret model she’s inseparable friends with, everyone is wondering if Taylor Swift is a lesbian.

I certainly am, because why the fuck not? I’ve got nothing better to do with my day than imagining Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss going down on each other. It’s a nice fantasy. I suggest you picture it some time.

But one rumor I’d never heard until 35 minutes ago was that Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga once did it.

Gaga was on the Howard Stern Show today and he asked her point blank if she ever had sex with Taylor Swift. Lady said no.

Here’s the audio if you’d like to listen to it, but why bother? Of course she’s gonna deny it. You don’t ruin sweet, sweet Tay sex by blabbing all about it in the media. That’s how you get cut off.

What do you think, readers? Does Tay = Gay?

Also my boss, Jason, would like you to know he has not had sex with either of them. Not that any of us ever thought he did.