Supergirl Laura Vandervoort Just Dropped Another Super Sultry Photo Shoot

Laura Vandervoort sexy photo shoot

Laura Vandervoort, Instagram

Laura Vandervoort most definitely has super powers.

Speaking of superheroes, I don’t know if Laura Vandervoort is trying to get back on American television. If so, these sexy photo shoots she’s been doing lately will surely help.

As I mentioned the last time we saw the former Supergirl from Smallville, Laura Vandervoort is currently plying her acting trade up in Canada. On Canadian television. No offense to Canada, but what the hell? We need us some Kara Zor-El (hey, her Instagram handle is “supervandie”) back on American TV pronto.

Take a look at this sexy new photo shoot Vandervoort did for Regard magazine and tell me you disagree.