Lea Michele Shared A Couple More Naked Pictures In Case That’s Of Interest To You

You might recall the other day, Monday I believe, we shared a couple of photos of Lea Michele naked for, hang on… oh yeah, the UK version of Women’s Health.

Oh, Gemma Atkinson, for those of you that still remember her also got naked for the issue. You can see one of those pics here.

Anyway, because sharing just two naked pictures wasn’t good enough for Lea Michele she went ahead and dropped a couple more on us. Nice of her, huh?

I can’t say I was a huge fan of hers before this photo shoot. She was okay I guess, but now I think I am starting to come around.

Here are the two previous pics she shared because I know you want to see them too.

Here’s a wonderful little GIF she also recently shared…

And here are a couple of bonus bikini shots and one of her on the beach topless because why not?

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