Lea Michele Keeps Sharing Sexy Pics Of Herself In Bed In Her Underpants, So That’s Cool

For some reason, over the past couple of weekends Lea Michele has decided to start something she’s delightfully calling her “Sunday bed series.” (That’s one of the pics from this past weekend above.)

It’s basically a couple of pics of her on Sundays, hanging out in her bed in her underpants. In other words, it’s freaking genius. Why don’t more TV and movie star actresses do this? Talk about marketing your brand!

Check out the rest of her efforts below…

Nice, huh? The thing is though, in order to so this “Sunday bed series” some lucky bastard has to actually be there in her bedroom shooting the photos. How does one get a job like that, I wonder?

Oh yeah, she also did a sizzling hot, very bootyful photo shoot for Shape magazine a couple weeks ago that no one alerted me to so I am sharing them now because they are very fun photos to look at.


This next one wasn’t actually from any shoot, but I liked it too, so there you go.

You’re welcome.

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