LeAnn Rimes Looks Pretty Good In A Bikini Which Is Probably Why She Shared These Pics

leann rimes bikini pics

LeAnn Rimes, Instagram

Remember when LeAnn Rimes was a singer? Like a pretty darn good one too? She won awards and shit for her singing didn’t she? Now the only time I see her is when she posts something to social media or when she’s in some stupid argument with her husband’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville.

I think LeAnn Rimes does still makes music, but I don’t know, it seems to me she’s gone from Grammy Award-winning singer to basically just an Instagram model at this point. Which isn’t all bad considering that she does look pretty damn good in a bikini. I just can’t imagine that it pays as well. Maybe I’m wrong. Eh, doesn’t matter…