Did Leonardo DiCaprio Hook Up With 22 Year-Old Model Bryana Holly? Let’s Investigate

Bryana Holly, who you may recall from this ridiculously hot 96 picture photo shoot where she was wearing little more than a pair of jeans, was spotted getting into a car with James Packer (the billionaire who had a street fight over Miranda Kerr) and more importantly, Leonardo DiCaprio in Malibu, California the other day. Now we’re not saying anything untoward occurred, but hey, Leo does have a weeee bit of a rep.

News.com.au reports that DiCaprio was wearing a gorilla mask as a disguise and had two other scantily clad women by his side, which one would assume means they weren’t going to the library to do some reading. Further confirming this was the fact that Holly was reportedly wearing a Greek goddess Halloween costume.

A quick check of Bryana Holly’s Instagram account (regularly featured in our weekly roundup) does show her in what she called an Aphrodite costume two days ago, so at least that part is accurate.


Interesting Fun Fact: I had a hard time coming up with a proper headline for this story, but it wasn’t for a lack of my colleagues sharing their ideas in our chat room. Here were just a few of their “awesome” suggestions…

Leonardo DiCaprio Did Stuff
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You can see that I work with some wonderfully creative people here.

And since we’re already trolling her Instagram account, let’s see what else Bryana’s been up to lately, just for fun.



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Yeah, no way Leonardo DiCaprio would be interested in anything like that…