Lindsay Lohan Shared Some Hot Cleavage To Instagram, Maintaining Her Relevancy

by 6 years ago
lindsay lohan cleavage

Lindsay Lohan, Instagram

Lindsay Lohan is like the Hollywood equivalent of a cockroach. No matter what you do to try to get rid of her she’s going to keep coming back over and over and over.

That’s because as long as Lindsay Lohan has got the sweet body she’s putting on display here once again on Instagram someone out there is going to give her a bunch of money to do essentially nothing, like endorsing another clothing line or singing in a Duran Duran song. I’m think I’m okay with that deal.

LiLo must thank her lucky stars every day that she wasn’t born in the 1970s when things like the Internet and Instagram were nowhere to be found.

Here’s another, worse angle, but in color. Step up your photo game, Lohan. It’s your lifeblood.

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