Lindsay Lohan Shared A Sexy Lingerie Photo As A Tribute To… The Victims Of Terrorism?

I guess this makes sense. Mischa Barton has been kind of a trainwreck so when she posted a bikini picture to discuss the Alton Sterling shooting we shouldn’t have been terribly surprised.

Which is why, less than two weeks later I am not surprised in the least that one of her fellow Hollywood trainwrecks Lindsay Lohan did what she did.

What LiLo did was post a sultry lingerie photo of herself as some sort of tribute to those affected by terrorism. No, seriously, look…

Nice photo, but that caption…

If history were to be folded … Where would we put the crease? Pray for the ones we lose everyday and appreciate every breathe you -we – all – take #nice #turkey #turnup and do something (goodnight and sleep with an idea for the future)

Note the hashtags. You’ve got #nice, in reference to the truck attack. You’ve got #turkey in reference to the attempted coup. And you’ve got #turnup. Wait, what?

Lindsay does know that “turn up” means, right?

According to Urban Dictionary, for those who somehow don’t know, it means…

1) Getting loose, being wild and potentially engaging in sexual activity with members of the opposite gender (or the same gender if thats what you’re in to)
2) Acting crazy due to consumption of large amounts of alcohol, marijuana, molly or other drugs

Oh hell yes, of course she knows. How could she not?

I think one commenter on the photo said it best when they asked, “is this real life?”

Now I don’t know if Lindsay will have to apologize for her post like Mischa Barton did, but I am guessing not because, after all, it’s Lindsay Lohan. What do we really expect?

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