What Is Lindsay Lohan Doing Modeling Bikinis At An Assisted Living Facility In Las Vegas?

by 4 years ago


Old folks need erections, too. Well, maybe they don’t need erections in the sort of dire sense of the word, but by the time I’m 80, I’ll wanna pass the time looking at sweet, young tang.

Once, my grandfather took me to Hooters. It was January, in Fort Myers, Florida, and he turned to eight-year-old me, when we arrived, and said, “You should see what they wear in the summer.”

Shoutouts, thusly, are in order for Lindsay Lohan, who, according to the geotag on her Instagram, was hanging out with bikini models and her brother at La Mansion Las Vegas Luxurious Assisted Living.

It is “A full service luxury environment specializing in comprehensive concierge service to people seeking a high quality assisted living environment.” That’s a hell of a service, especially if it includes Lindsay Lohan in a bikini.

Maybe this is part of her community service?

Anyway, it’s Friday, so here are 100 more photos of LiLo.


I got nothing else to do.

I think that was 80. Whatever.

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