Lindsay Lohan Wants Us To Look At Her Legs In This Pic, But The Piss Poor Photoshop Job Is All We’re Seeing

There are so many things wrong with this photo Lindsay Lohan shared that I don’t even know where to start. I mean, here it is, then meet me below.

Here’s the caption: My feet look red lol- had to take that out. Only real red is my hair.

First off (there are going to be several first offs here because I’m not sure where to start), are you trying to throw us off your scent by admitting you altered it? Like, if I cop to the lesser crime, maybe they won’t notice I committed a bigger one?

First off 2, if you didn’t like how your feet, legs and ass looked in a picture, why even bother posting it to social media?

First off 3, that doesn’t even look like your face in this, Lindsay. It looks like you are wearing a Lindsay Lohan mask.

First off 4, HOW DID YOU THINK NO ONE WOULD NOTICE THIS SHOP JOB? It looks like Dali painted that hallway to your right.

First off 5, if you are going to take the time to photoshop your thighs and ass for the world to see, at least make them look appealing, Those do not.

Look, I know you could blame drugs, or just general obliviousness, but how could you let something this bad go up? How can you not have someone vet these? After your racial snafu earlier today, it’s clear you need someone to run your social media.

I will do it for free and I will do it phenomenally. I will have people talking about you like you are Taylor Swift by the end of the week. Just from your tweets and grams.

I mean, come on Lindsay. Look how bad this is. I don’t think you are a joke. I don’t want you to be seen as a joke. I’ll do you right.

Because … this? No.