Lindsay Lohan Tried To ‘Break The Internet’ In A See-Through Top, Internet Remains Unbroken

Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan posted a cleavage-baring photo to her always entertaining social media accounts. She captioned the Twitter version of the photo, “Break the Internet with clothes on. #majorlooks.”

And while it was a decent enough photo of her showing off a bunch of cleavage in a see-through top I am pretty sure that the Internet did not even feel a slight tremor.

First off, with all that money Lindsay Lohan is getting for doing nothing, why doesn’t her phone take better pictures? That would be a good first step towards “breaking the Internet” in my book. And second, sadly, Lindsay Lohan is about 1/100th as relevant to pop culture these days as Kim Kardashian and she couldn’t break the Internet by posing all oiled up and naked.

That being said, much like with Tara Reid, we are ALWAYS going to be rooting for Lindsay Lohan.

I give her an “A” for effort and a “C-Minus” for execution here.

Here’s what I mean regarding her camera. This could have been so much better.

More like this please…

And this…

She must have been using someone else’s camera for those. That or she has the auto-focus turned off and doesn’t realize it. Either could be true.

Just no more Photoshop fails, okay?