Lindsay Lohan Has Her Own Video Game Now Called ‘The Price of Fame’

No, Lindsay Lohan’s new video game doesn’t involve being arrested multiple times and finding a way to, almost without fail, manage to stay out of jail, but it is called Lindsay Lohan’s The Price of Fame, which at first glance sounds an awful lot like the massive-selling app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Of course, Lindsay would never steal anyone’s ideas in order to turn a profit, so I am sure that’s just a coincidence.

From Lohan’s blog (yes, LiLo has a blog)…

Fresh off my collection with CIVIL CLOTHING….here’s another big announcement from me…

I’ve developed a new mobile game called “The Price Of Fame” and its ready for you! Available on iPhone, Android and tablets, you can become a famous celebrity just like me, but there is a lot of DRAMA along the way!

In this game you are the celebrity, you pick your fashion and gain fans based off what you do and how you play! I’m already up to 2 billion fans where are you at?

You can get it in the App Store, & Google Play,

I want your feedback, be sure to check out the game and download – its free! – new game and watch the video too and get that fame honey!

Because I refuse to actually download this to any of my devices (are STDs communicable via phone or tablet?), I went and found a description via Contact Music

The Price of Fame allows the user to build up their celebrity persona, first with a few fans and then reaching millions. In addition to dressing your celebrity persona, according to the description on the Apple store, you can “start a phony rap beef, buy a private peninsula, get butt implants, fight in an elevator, and give your baby botox.”

If this Lindsay Lohan game makes anywhere near the ridiculous amount of money Kim Kardashian’s game has made I am moving to a deserted island and officially cutting myself off from society completely.