Try To Guess How Much Kim Kardashian’s Mobile Game Made, Then Cry That You’ll Never Come Close To Making That Much


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is Kim’s own freemium game where you try to become just as famous as Kim by doing…nothing. That’s at least what I have to assume, since the game is squeaky clean and the only thing I’m aware of that Kim’s done to become famous is make a sex tape with Ray J. What else is left? Shopping for clothes? Attending parties? All of those activities sound more appealing to do in real life rather than on my phone, but apparently I’m part of a minority that thinks this way because the game has made $43.4 million since it became available in the App Store.

The game was projected to make $200 million by the end of the year so some can call it a failure, but $43.4 million all for making a stupid game about doing NOTHING isn’t something to sneeze at.

While Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is free in the App Store, it’s the in-app purchases that’ll get you. Almost six months after it was released, it’s still within the top 40 most downloaded free-to-play games.

The mass obsession may have died somewhat since Kim Kardashian: Hollywood hit the App Store in June, but the report reveals how much time we’ve collectively spent on it. More than 22.8 million of us downloaded the game, and in more than 1.2 billion sessions, we’ve spent more than 5.7 billion minutes playing.

Via Daily Dot

5.7 billion minutes that could’ve been used doing something more productive, like eating dirt or smashing your face into a freezer. To be fair, I haven’t played the game so it’s not really fair that I’m shitting on it so hard…

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…but who cares about being fair?

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