Aww Yeah, Lindsay Lohan Was Back In A Swimsuit Sharing Her Ginger Hotness With The World
Before we get to the good stuff I’d like to point out that our girl Lindsay Lohan posted the above photo on Wednesday with the caption ,”#tbt.”

God bless her heart. She tries so hard.

Anyway, back to the whole point of this. Despite the fact that our LiLo is now off the market thanks to her rich boyfriend, whatshisname, I think he’s Russian or something, she’s still willing to share all of her sexy goodness with the world.

Not only that, word on the street is that Lindsey is set to record a new album, her first one in over a decade.

Who could ever forget this?

No wonder she’s getting back into the studio, huh?

Damn, I got off track again, didn’t I? Okay, okay, here are the swimsuit pics you came here to see. Might want to put on some sunscreen because girl is on fire.

I also saw this on the internet and simply had to share because it’s great.
Previously in Lindsay Lohan bikini pics because you can never have too many…

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