Scintillating Lindsey Pelas Attempts To Break The Internet With MESMERIZING Slow-Motion Video

Last month, the lovely Lindsey Pelas gave an all-world effort in trying to break the Internet with this sensational slow-motion video. Well she has a burning determination pumping through her heart and is back with even more slow-motion goodness that may indeed break the Internet.

It seems as tough some despicable individuals attempted to besmirch Lindsey’s good name and doubted the authenticity of her glorious breasts. “Some people still claim my boobs are fake,” the gorgeous model wrote on her Instagram. “I’ll prove otherwise. It involves ‘underboob push-ups.'” Lindsey responded to the skeptics and their vicious and unsubstantiated claims by posting this ridiculously mesmerizing video.

After seeing Exhibit A and B, I can confidently declare that Lindsey is as pure as a mountaintop frost.

I don’t know how I went through my entire life without “underboob push-ups,” but I now realize that I need them.

The voluptuous Lindsey should wear a helmet if she is going to jog in such a flimsy bikini.

If this is how Lindsey responds to her detractors, it leaves me no choice but to say to her, “I still don’t believe that your breasts are real!”

*Eagerly awaits for a new Lindsey Pelas slow-motion video with a devious smile on his face*

[First Slice via Lindsey Pelas Instagram]