Lindsey Pelas Wants To Tackle J.J. Watt Underneath The Sheets, Tells Him To ‘Slide In My DMs’

lindsey pelas jj watt

YouTube - TMZ Sports

Instagram bombshell Lindsey Pelas was on her way out of Los Angeles (apparently after finishing what is sure to be the hottest video of 2015), when TMZ caught up to her at the airport.

During this little interview Pelas was asked which athlete she likes and of course she said J.J. Watt.

“I think he’s so cute. He’s tall and goofy in a cute way.” *groan* Then when the camerastalker asks her what she’d say to him if he happened to see this video (which of course, now he will), she says, “Slide in my DMs.”

Seriously, can we just make J.J. Watt the official real-life Captain America at this point?


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