This Wet Top Lindsey Pelas Is Wearing On The Beach Doesn’t Leave Much To The Imagination

by 3 years ago

It has to be awfully reassuring for Lindsey Pelas to know that she’s in zero danger of drowning during photo shoots on the beach, because he ginormous flotation devices would never allow her do drown. Lindsey Pelas has the proportions of some mixture between a Barbie Doll and a Greek Goddess, it’s just unfair that someone that hot is out there in the world while the rest of us are glued to our screens waiting for her to drop the next Instagram pic.

Before posting this I was talking with my colleague Doug, and we basically came to the conclusion that Lindsay Pelas is so hot that we could post pictures of her every single day on BroBible and it’d never get old. Instead of doing that though I’m just going to drop a shitton of her Instagram photos on you at once:

Lindsey Pelas Instagram Photos: Wet On A Beach, Red Bikini

Tosh's mom. 🐶

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