Lindsey Vonn Continues To Be On FIRE Looking Hot AF At The Premiere Of ‘Bad Moms’

Lindsey Vonn is still skiing, right? I ask because the only time I see her anymore is when she doing celebrity things while wearing very little clothing (or none).

Not that I mind, it’s just that between her bikini pool parties and hanging out looking hot in Hollywood I was just curious.

Now here she is the other day at the premiere of a movie, Bad Moms looking like a total dime yet again. Makes me wonder why she’s getting all of these Hollywood invites all of the sudden? Oh yeah, because she's famous and good-looking, duh. Silly question.

Damn, that outfit’s almost as hot as the one she wore to the ESPYs a couple weeks back. (I wonder if she and J.J. Watt ever did hook up.)

I sure hope she keeps getting invited to these things.

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