Bros, This SMOKING Hot Lingerie Model Just Made Her Own Dating Site So She Could Find A Boyfriend, Time To Sign Up

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According to 25 year-old Lucy Harrold who is not only a lingerie model but my new desktop background, she can’t find a date.

“‘It’s not as simple to meet people as it used to be,’ says Lucy, who has featured in men’s magazines Zoo, Nuts and Loaded.

‘I think blokes are intimidated to approach people.

‘I’m unlucky in love and it’s a nightmare trying to find a guy to take me on a date.

‘A lot of guys assume I’ve got a boyfriend or that because I’m a model I won’t be interested but it’s not true.

‘People don’t even offer to buy me drinks if I’m on a night out. I genuinely find it difficult to find a date to go on at all.'”

Via Daily Mail

Who are these “men” that keep ignoring you? Lucy, I will buy you ever drink in the bar if it means you’ll go out with me. Hell, I’ll buy the entire bar if you’ll at least talk to me, because I genuinely think I’m in love after looking at your pictures.





But since Lucy here hasn’t found love yet, she’s decided to set up her own dating website called , intended to set up people who live in Birmingham. I suppose you could find other people to date on the site besides Lucy, but come on. Why bother. Lucy states that “‘I’m well-travelled and always up and down the country for work, but definitely want to date a Brummie,'” in which case it looks like I’m re-locating to Birmingham…wherever the fuck that is.

[Images via Daily Mail]

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