Bros, This SMOKING Hot Lingerie Model Just Made Her Own Dating Site So She Could Find A Boyfriend, Time To Sign Up

According to 25 year-old Lucy Harrold who is not only a lingerie model but my new desktop background, she can’t find a date.

“‘It’s not as simple to meet people as it used to be,’¬†says Lucy, who has featured in men’s magazines Zoo, Nuts and Loaded.

‘I think blokes are intimidated to approach people.

‘I’m unlucky in love and it’s a nightmare trying to find a guy to take me on a date.

‘A lot of guys assume I’ve got a boyfriend or that because I’m a model I won’t be interested but it’s not true.

‘People don’t even offer to buy me drinks if I’m on a night out. I genuinely find it difficult to find a date to go on at all.'”

Via Daily Mail

Who are these “men” that keep ignoring you? Lucy, I will buy you ever drink in the bar if it means you’ll go out with me. Hell, I’ll buy the entire bar if you’ll at least talk to me, because I genuinely think I’m in love after looking at your pictures.

But since Lucy here hasn’t found love yet, she’s decided to set up her own dating website called , intended to set up people who live in Birmingham. I suppose you could find other people to date on the site besides Lucy, but come on. Why bother. Lucy states that “‘I’m well-travelled and always up and down the country for work, but definitely want to date a Brummie,'” in which case it looks like I’m re-locating to Birmingham…wherever the fuck that is.

[Images via Daily Mail]