Lisa Ann Gives SCATHING Interview About The ‘Tremendous Damage’ Charlie Sheen Has Done To Young Women


Earlier today, retired porn star Lisa Ann live tweeted her reaction to Charlie Sheen’s interview with Matt Lauer about his HIV diagnosis.

But she wasn’t done.

Ann went on the radio show Morning Men and continued to unleash on Charlie Sheen. Rightfully so, we might add. She points out that his predilection for porn stars put an entire industry at risk. That he fucked with people’s careers and livelihood just so he could get laid. Which is fucking fucked up.

She points out that when you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, safe sex is not on your mind, so there’s no way to really ensure Sheen’s always behaved appropriately.

She also mentions just in general what a horrible, horrific influence he has had on the lives of young women, and she hits him on his slut-shaming those women by calling them “unsavory.” That, we can all agree, is a pretty fucked up thing to say when you are announcing you are HIV positive after years of lying.

Listen to the whole thing. It is Lisa Ann keeping it hundy.

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