Looking for some bro advice

Hey guys, this is going to be a long one so sit back and read if your’e up for it.

Starting around March I started liking this girl, call her Sally for our purposes. Great girl, solid 10, Sicilian, long black hair, green eyes, great boobs coupled with an ass of a goddess. We had become really good friends over time and I started liking her more and more, but we were still friends. Mid May I brought her to a company event and we really hit it off after, and after the event I ended up asking her out. She originally agreed to trying to date but a few days later she backed out because she realized she wasn’t ready for another boyfriend (she broke up with her ex in August of 2012 after dating him for a year). I was the typical sweet guy, nice, funny, and he was the typical douche, pothead, etc. 

So after we decided to stay friends, our friendship actually grew even further. Come about mid to late june, we actually got back into the idea of dating again, we made out a few times, snuggled while watching movies, but nothing serious. I had lost most feelings for her after the decision to not date a few weeks ago but after going through all this they came back harder than ever, I basically loved her. I wanted to be with her, she made me happy, we were best friends who were going through all this and we couldn’t be better off. 

Then one day I was texting her and she told me that all of that was her trying to find a spark with me because she did want to date but she just wasn’t feeling it. I probably got that text around a week and a half ago. Again, she told me that staying friends would be best for us because she loved having me in her life just not in that way.

Anyways, we are still great friends and I am more than happy with what I have with her, but still really want to have a relationship with her because I really think if we had a relationship that we would work really well and keep each other happy for a long time. I have basically been hiding these feelings from her since she told me the first time she didn’t want to date, but I have been trying to work my way back into her mind as a potential option.

So my question is what do I do? Do I keep going and just keep trying to get her to think of me like that? Or do I just stay happy with what I have and try and drop feelings for her.

Thanks bros!

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