A Magazine Unbelievably Said Kendall Jenner Is ‘Too Fat’ To Be A Model

kendall jenner hot


This magazine has GOT to be trolling us when they say that Kendall Jenner is “too fat” to model, right? And if so, I’m started to get really angry with having my head messed with by idiots on the Internet.

Famous magazine, whoever the hell they are, posted a photo on the cover of their magazine of Kendall Jenner supposedly with cottage cheese on her thighs. Uh, has anyone here seen Kendall Jenner? If anything this poor girl needs to eat a sandwich or five.

For further proof of their delusional nonsense, I present these recent pics…

kendall jenner fat


kendall jenner too fat


Now I hate the Kardashians as much as anyone, but Kendall Jenner? Fat? Have they seen these bikini pics?!

In the immortal words of one Christopher Berman, “C’mon, man!”

Kendall Jenner image by Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock; Kendall Jenner image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock

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