This SMOKING HOT Swedish Yoga Expert Gets ALL The Votes For The World’s Sexiest Airline Pilot

When you think of airline pilots you usually think of dudes in their fifties with greying at the temples. Well, that’s what I think of at least.

I certainly don’t think of a 29-year-old Swedish hottie who is a yoga expert and shares TONS of hot pics to her Instagram account.

But that’s EXACTLY what Malin Rydqvist, who pilots Boeing 747-800 jets, is, God love her.

According to the New York Post

Rydqvist — who is self-taught except for one yoga class she took in Washington — seeks to encourage others to go after what they want in life no matter how busy they are.

“We learn to listen, feel, breathe and to be thankful and kind. Most importantly, we learn to accept and love ourselves,” Rydqvist told Caters.

Not only does Rydqvist find time in her day to stop and breathe, she has also managed to travel to 37 countries and start her own yoga clothing line called Fly Me Yoga.

She also says that her dream is to one day open her own yoga resort. I’m betting that now that’s become internet-famous there will be no shortage of guys willing to, uh, back her and help her make her dreams come true. Especially if they check out the pictures below…

H/T New York Post

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